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Elephant Structures Review

Elephant Structure reviews by our customers are always welcome.  We love to hear from our customers about their experience with our company from the sales process to enjoying their new steel building once it’s installed.  We are proud to manufacturer and install metal carports across the United States and have installed thousands of carports. Most often Elephant Structures reviews and ... Read More »

Love my Elephant carport

I recently purchased an Elephant Structures metal carport after seeing a friends and I’m as happy as they were.  Simple to order online and all things considered, quick delivery of a custom building to my home and installed by a great crew here in NC.  I had to pay a little extra to get it to the location on my ... Read More »

Elephant Structure Carports Are Amazing

Recently, I was out shopping for a decent carport to protect my vehicle during the strong springtime storms that occur in Tennessee. I just recently purchased my vehicle, and the last thing that I want is many small dents or scratches due to hail and falling limbs. I found Elephant Structure Carports and purchased one which was up in no ... Read More »

Elephant Barn Review Built In Weston, WV

Looking for a new barn for my property in West Virginia when I happened across an Elephant Barn review so I decided I’d like to help out someone else… Elephant Barns was great to work with. I built my barn online and spoke to a very helpful sales representative who answered all my questions.  I was able to have it ... Read More »

Elephant Structures installed my Carport Fast

We decided to go with Elephant Structures for our carport.  The sales rep we spoke to was very nice and knew a lot about customizing a building… they helped us with wall and eave heights to be we had the clearance needed for the gabled end on the front to be sure our truck will fit.  It sits a little ... Read More »

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